St. Louis Parish has adopted the 5th Floor at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. We provide dinner twice a month for the families of patients and keep a food pantry stocked for their use. Contact Cathy Freres at 685-1934 or visit the Sign up Genius at if you would like to help.

There are so many wonderful organizations that do a major part of their fundraising at Christmas. In the U. S. we are blessed and during the holidays we are all generous. That generosity is one of the greatest things about our country, our state, our county, our city, and our parish. January will start our 7th year of bringing meals and pantry items to the families on the fifth floor at Le Bonheur hospital. Reaching out to those in need is a blessing for the receivers and the givers, like no other.

Please check the sign up at: Whenever you can help, please do! And remember that we also have ministers to the sick who take communion to the Catholic patients and families. Let Cathy Freres know at 685-1934 if you’d like to help.


Sign Up Genius