To celebrate our unique Catholic heritage, the #iGIVECATHOLIC Giving Day was created to rally the Catholic community on #GIVINGTUESDAY, a global day celebrating generosity. #iGIVECATHOLIC is a call to share our  blessings with our Catholic churches, schools, and ministries. #iGIVECATHOLIC Giving Day is Tuesday, December 3.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of Christian faith and teachings about Jesus Christ. St. Louis is wrapping up our second Alpha course—35% of those participating are under 35 years old. #iGIVECATHOLIC is our only fundraiser for Alpha. More information may be found at stlouischurchmphs.org/alpha.

Give early! Advanced day giving runs November 18 through December 2. Click on the graphic below to visit the donation page.