To celebrate our unique Catholic heritage, the #iGIVECATHOLIC Giving Day was created to rally the Catholic community on #GIVINGTUESDAY, a global day celebrating generosity. #iGIVECATHOLIC is a call to share our  blessings with our Catholic churches, schools, and ministries. #iGIVECATHOLIC Giving Day is Tuesday, December 1.


What is the Msgr. Paul W. Clunan Endowment Fund?

The Monsignor Paul W. Clunan Endowment Fund provides tuition assistance to Parish families and also provides the School with funds for new developments in technology, curriculum and facilities. Monsignor Clunan was Pastor of St. Louis Catholic Church and School from 1957-1992. Monsignor Clunan recognized that providing a quality Catholic education would help to ensure the continued vitality of the Parish.

Give early! Advanced giving dates are November 16-30. Click on the graphic below to visit the donation page.