Fr. Ruben’s Homily for Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018

Everything that we do in the Church must be based on Scripture. We recognize in the Scriptures
the direct action of God, a narrative action that helps us to understand his accomplishments over
the centuries. From the very moment of his Incarnation, Jesus had as destiny to overcome sin,
death and devil. His mission was clear; he also knew that it was necessary to involve human
beings for the good of others.

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, a king who has conquered his enemies not with
force, but with good deeds, with love, with pain, with patience, with miracles. Jesus was from
the beginning the Prince of Peace, the King of the universe, Lord and giver of life.
For the Jews the Passover is one or the most important events of their faith. They all go to the
temple to thank God for what he has done for them. God deliver them from the land of slavery to
the Promised Land.

Today we celebrate our redemption, our Easter because in Jesus we also pass from death to life,
we pass from the darkness of the world, sin and evil to the New Creation of the sons and
daughters of God. There can be no deeper joy than the one proclaimed today: the joy of

We have the future guaranteed by God himself, who has made with us a New and Eternal
Covenant, sealed with the Blood of his Son. Consequently by faith we celebrate Jesus Christ, the
New Man who renews us and all of Creation, inaugurating new heavens and new earth; and
Jesus, the Lord, is already the Head of this New Creation and we are his members.
That is why last night we blessed the fire which represents the light of Christ, we blessed the
water that reminds us of our baptism, we renewed our baptismal promises: because we celebrate
the new Life that God himself became like one of us. The Resurrection defeats the power of
death and transforms it only in one step – bitter but not definitive- death becomes the last act of
love and surrendering of mankind to his Lord.

It is because of that Joy that Peter, Mary and the rest of his disciples run to the tomb. After that,
until the coming of the Holy Spirit they cannot contain their joy and began to spread the Good
News to all. This is a very Trinitarian action, the Father raised the Son from the death, the
sacrifice of the Son won for us our salvation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit impel us to proclaim
the joy of feeling saved and loved by God.

However, to enter this Fiesta, the Eternal Feast of the children of God, it is necessary that we
dress in the appropriate party dress. And that party dress is FAITH, good actions, continuous
prayer life and the sacraments. Without Faith, we stay out of this Fiesta.
Of the men and women who knew Jesus, only those who had faith in him found the joy of
salvation. For the others, things did not change. In the same way today: only by faith, which we
receive in Baptism and share in each Mass, we will find the joy of salvation … for others, this
Sunday is equal to all. It may even be a sad day, empty, full of nostalgia and a drowned desire to
meet God. The Easter we celebrate opens a time of joy. Jesus Christ has risen as the First of
many, to show us what is the future life that awaits us and is offered to all of us if we take the
step of faith into action