Fr. Donato’s Homily for Sunday, February 17, 2019

VI Sunday in Ordinary Time – Homily

Saint Louis King of France – Memphis

Fr. Carlos Donato, MDiv



Blessed are You!


Dear Brothers and Sisters, this Sunday the readings are inviting us to put our hope in God and live our lives having faith in Jesus Christ, the Resurrected Lord. The Gospel today, presents to us the beatitudes, which are Jesus way to teach us how to be holy. If we want to be holy we must get ourselves in the frame of the beatitude.

We are blessed because God is teaching us the way to be with him serving him present in the ones that are in need and looking for justice and peace. We are called to be holy and to have compromise with the values of the Kingdom of heaven.

The key for the Kingdom of heaven is love. Love is what makes everything happens. Jesus looks with love and mercy for those who are private of the minimum to live with dignity of sons and daughters of God.

Jesus is against those who think that they are the best in the world, the ones to be exalted and consequently to be immortalized by their power and forced peoples acclamation and love by fear. God stead, looks with favor to the humble, the persecuted, to the afflicted. Those people even though are suffering they are closed to God and with rite help can make the Kingdom happens within us.

Who loves knows how to receive and succor the brethren in need. Let us look around us, let us look to our society and to ourselves today and ask the good question: in which beatitude I am included? Which are our daily preoccupations in this life?  Many times the noise of the day don’t allows us to think and reflect about what we are doing and how we are living our Christina life.

We need to realize God’s presence in the poor, the suffering, the weak, and the marginalized? We miss charity, charity which is the queen of all virtues is much missed in our society. Without charity we cannot hear God voice’s calling us in our suffering brethren. We must take conscience of our great responsibility as Christians, before our world, society and ourselves we must be strength in love, in the practice of Justice and mercy helping in the growing of the Kingdom and to defend the human life.

The real Christian Charity brings life and harmony. The Action of God’s kingdom is conduct by love and self-given and elevates this love to Charity which extend it to all creatures of God. Let us remember Saint Paul words the one thing that will last is love because God is love. Let us be attentive that at the end of our lives we will be judge by love. (Saint John of the Cross).