Welcome Fr. Jeo Poulose

Fr. Jeo Manickathan Poulose is an ordained priest of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (M.C.B.S). Fr. Jeo was born the youngest of three children, on March 28, 1985 in Kerala, South India.  After completing high school, he joined the seminary in June 2000. He did his Studies in Philosophy and Theology from Jeevalaya Institute of Philology, Bangalore and Blessed Sacrament institute, (Affiliated to Urbaniana, Rome) Kerala in India.

He received his diaconate on December 22, 2010. He was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood on January 1, 2012. Fr. Jeo served the M.C.B.S. congregation as Director of Sampreethy, (Special Needs Children) (2012-2015) and Manager of High Range Public School, Kerala (2015-2017) in India. He came to the United States in November, 2017 and has been serving as an Associate Pastor at Holy Rosary Parish. In his spare time, Fr. Jeo likes to play volleyball and ride his bike.

Fr. Jeo will join St. Louis Catholic Church as our Associate Pastor on July 1, 2019. Welcome Fr. Jeo!