Archbishop J. Peter Sartain’s 40th Ordination Anniversary Mass & Reception

An Invitation from Archbishop Peter Sartain

Dear Friends, by God’s grace, I will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood with Mass at St. Louis Catholic Church on Thursday, July 12th at 6:00 pm. This Mass will give me the opportunity to thank God for the gift of the priesthood and especially for the support and prayers offered to me as a young man and priest by your parish and the Catholic Community of Memphis. I am not sending out formal invitations, and everyone is cordially invited.

Though I now live far away in Seattle, Memphis is still home, and I will always be grateful for your love, prayers, and support. I’d appreciate a prayer that I will serve the people of the Archdiocese of Seattle as the Lord desires. Thank you and God Bless! Archbishop Sartain